Orlando Airport Expected To Run Out Of Fuel Tonight, Numerous Flight Diversions Planned

Update: tankering in fuel is projected to be sufficient to keep flights operating, limiting the degree of disruption.

**UPDATE** from a few minutes ago pic.twitter.com/ZiFniMhlTb

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Major airports usually have several days’ worth of fuel on site. That’s going to be tested in Orlando, and possibly some other Florida airports, over the next several days. In fact, Orlando International Airport has been projected to run out of fuel Sunday evening and that’s going to interrupt airline schedules according to aviation watchdog JonNYC.


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American is planning for tankering fuel, using Miami for westbound lfights and Atlanta, Charlotte, and Jacksonville for flights to the Northeast and Chicago.

These flights become longer, with the extra stop, and mean that some customers will miss onward connections. Some may have to be cancelled, as well, due to crew legality – crew would be working more hours than they’re permitted.

Naturally the issue affects all airlines.


Looks like UA is building in tech stops already. See UA470 and UA1848 for tomorrow. Both MCO-SFO, but stopping MSY and RSW, respectively.Also MCO-LAX, fuel at MSY

(Above were sent to me, I haven’t checked em)

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When Russia hacked the Colonial Pipeline, American scheduled long flights out of Charlotte with an extra stop for fuel. They also looked into the feasibility of operating widebody aircraft into Charlotte full of fuel from other hubs and siphoning out the gas.

For shorter domestic flights just carrying more fuel can be enough to operate into and back out of Orlando. But fuel is heavy and carrying extra fuel means burning extra fuel to fly, so it’s a costly inconvenience even for flights that can operate on schedule.

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