Group Of Frontier Passengers Can’t Bear The Airline, Rent Van Together Instead

A group of Frontier Airlines passengers banded together to rent a van for an overnight drive rather than endure travel on the airline, after their initial 650 mile flight from Orlando to Knoxville was cancelled last Sunday.

The airline told them the next flight they could take would be two days later, and so they decided 10 hours with Hertz would be far better than 48 hours to their destination with an air carrier. And they took to TikTok to document the journey.

One of the passengers said in the TikTok video that they were a keynote speaker at an event on Tuesday and chose to ride in the van so they to make the event. A family who took the minivan said they were planning to visit a university in Tennessee.

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Each passenger was offered a $50 credit towards future Frontier Airlines travel, which wasn’t enough to cover the per person share of the van rental. And, they learned, gas stations don’t take Frontier Airlines travel credit either. However passengers likely had more legroom, and access to internet via their cell phones, which they wouldn’t have had if they’d flown Frontier.

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