Passengers Given The Shaft After Saying Penis On Board Allegiant Airlines Flight

At the risk of testing my new approach to comments: Two passengers were kicked off an Allegiant Airlines flight from Flint, Michigan to Florida. A flight attendant gave them a hard time for saying ‘penis’ after the flight had boarded.

They were asked to leave the aircraft before being told the reason for their removal. Police explained their choice of language wasn’t appropriate for the flight. As a consequence of the stiff penalty the man’s wife had to come pick up the man and his father-in-law.

“Finally the Flint police and the airport authority came over and said we were removed because I said the word ‘penis’ on board an airplane,” he said. “I meant it in no derogatory (way). I mean, it’s part of the male anatomy and we were literally kicked off an airplane in Flint and we had to drive.”

The passenger reports, though, that they weren’t the only ones removed, “there was another person who was intoxicated while a fourth person also threw up.” Because, well, Allegiant. And since it’s Allegiant there aren’t a lot of alternative flights to take. They were offered a Grand Rapids departure, but it wouldn’t get them to their destination in time so they scrapped the flight.

News reports haven’t mentioned which flight the passengers are on, suggesting only they were headed to Florida. From Flint Allegiant services Daytona Beach; Fort Lauderdale; Jacksonville; Orlando Sanford; Punta Gorda; Sarasota; and St. Pete. Many of those are served from Grand Rapids, also, of course not always on the same day.

Rather than the 13 year boy story that it’s merely “part of the male anatomy” I’d have said I was talking about how much I’d rather be flying to Pensacola instead and just using the airport code.

According to Allegiant Airlines,

When crew members instructed them to cease their unruly behavior, the passengers failed to comply. As a result, both were deplaned and reaccommodated to other flights..This decision was made with the utmost safety of our customers and crew members in mind. Unruly behavior from a passenger presents a safety risk. As I’m sure you are aware, failing to comply with a crew member’s instructions is a violation of FAA regulations. Allegiant does not tolerate disruptive, abusive, or unruly behavior of any kind.

Regular readers know I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy. And that dates to… when I was 13 in speech and debate class. That’s when I heard the story about a student at state speech finals performing a piece called “My Penis.” She was especially talented, so other coaches tried to get her disqualified. As my coach relayed to me, it was Lisa Allred Bloom, and her mother Gloria Allred was there to step in and defend her. My high school debate coach, then California state league president, refused to disqualify her ruling that “My Penis would rise or fall on its own merits.” (Lisa Allred would go on to become a star debater at UCLA, years before I’d join that team myself.)

(HT: Paul H)

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