Code For Free Award Searches With Powerful Tool [Update: More Uses Available]

I’ve written about the best one-stop tool for all of your award booking needs,

  • It lets you search award space across pretty much every airline
  • It shows you the best way to book a flight, with the lowest prices, and which points to use
  • And it even walks you through the process – click by click – of transferring points and creating your booking (this is the past I like the best)

Since they also offer full service concierge booking, and they’re doing an incredible job and are being built by people I greatly respect, I’ve even partnered with them in my own award booking business.

They’ve shared the opportunity to let readers try their service for free. Code VIEWFROMTHEWING is valid for a free day pass.

  • New users only
  • Provides 24 hours of access
  • Must be used prior to 12/31

There’s no gotcha in terms of their paid search service. There is no credit card is required when users register and redeem this code. You don’t have to proactively cancel to avoid getting charged. There are limited redemptions before the code is maxed out.

In some sense making self-service tools that are this easy will be a bummer for the hardcore among us that do the hard work, because it means more members competing for limited seats. But I’m a fan of democratizing a process that airlines have made too opaque, and that credit card issuers haven’t done a good enough job demystifying for their customers.

I also like services that place airline results side-by-side. Airlines that don’t make much saver award space available, and charge exorbitant prices for the best awards, aren’t going to come out looking good. As well they shouldn’t. The ability to compare programs is great for consumers, and for holding the devaluating impulses of programs in check!

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