Track-jumping train, the real White Lotus hotel photo tour and more

American AAdvantage Changes Coming in 2023: There’s been a lot of spinning in the miles and points community on changes to American Airlines AAdvantage program in 2023. See this post on One Mile at a Time. Unfortunately, these changes are a bit vague at the moment, in my opinion. There will be no more MileSAAver awards or AAnytime awards, everything will be dynamic pricing. Well, that’s mostly how things are now anyway with the Web Special Awards. I’m most interested to see how this affects using British Airways Avios for AA flights. We will have to wait and see.

Swiss Train Innovation Hits a Major Milestone with Track-jumping Cars: Yes, the trains in Switzerland are clean, efficient and innovative. Why can’t the US accomplish just a fraction of this? See this post on TPG.

Photo Tour of the Real White Lotus Hotel in Sicily: Check out this post on Johnny Jet. I can’t be the only one who watched The White Lotus Season 2 and drooled over the hotel and scenery? Seriously, I want to visit Sicily now.

Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Photo by Ruth Troughton on Unsplash

Heading to Santa Monica? Want a Hotel for ~$200?: This is an interesting post on Miles Talk. When I lived in the Los Angeles area, my favorite beach to visit was Santa Monica. Never a dull day there.

The Countries Where you Can and Can’t Drink the Water: This is an educational post on Your Mileage May Vary. I can personally vouch for not drinking the water in Russia and Guatemala. It’s not just drinking the water directly; you have to be careful about ice, vegetables washed with water, etc.

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