Review: American Airlines Admirals Club, Honolulu

The Honolulu airport Admirals Club is a shared lounge with Japan Airlines. It’s actually controlled by JAL, but is branded both a Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge and an American Airlines Admirals Club. It’s in terminal 2 across from security checkpoint 3 (regular security).

If you go through Precheck then you head to the right and then look for THE LOCAL @ HNL restaurant. There’s an elevator and stairs beside the restaurant and you head up from the second floor (main concourse) to the third floor (club).

The club is open from 5:15 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. and is a good 10+ minute walk to gate C5 where we departed from. Departing at 7 a.m., though, the club was useful because few concessions were open so early (and the line for Starbucks stretched down the terminal). The best thing you can say about the lounge, though, is it’s large and wasn’t busy when we were there.

There are restrooms on the floor – in the hallway before you reach the lounge – rather than inside the lounge. Those, then, are maintained by the airport and far more dreary than the lounge itself.

Signs ask you to wear a mask in the dining area, but no one does, or at least no one did while we were there.

Food and alcoholic beverages aren’t self-serve – you queue to get those from a staff member, a holdover from Covid-19 protocols – but the soda machine is DIY. It didn’t produce any carbonation, however.

During the afternoon you’ll find chicken curry or chicken karaage. There’s Apple danish; cereal; croissants; fruit; pretzels; chicken-flavor instant ramen; rice; soup; yogurt.

There’s beer and wine, but currently no liquor.

The staff though is excellent. I received an email a couple of days prior to departure and could have responded and been in touch with them directly, I’ve read that they frequently reach out to elites in advance of travel (or at least Executive Platinums and above).

Airline lounges in Honolulu (and Hawaii generally) are quite weak, so this is hardly one of the inferior lounges at the airport. It’s an air conditioned place to sit, but not worth coming to the airport early for.

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