American Airlines Passenger Attacks Gate Agent In Miami

Conflict in airports and in planes is way down since the federal transportation mask mandate was lifted, but it’s still elevated compared to pre-pandemic levels. We aren’t seeing epic meltdowns – and physical danger for employees and fellow passengers – at the same rate as last year. But it’s far from gone. And nowhere does it seem quite as likely as inside the American Airlines terminal in Miami.

Prior to a flight to Punta Cana, an irate woman goes behind the desk and lifts up a computer screen – and throws it at the agent working the flight. She appears to be screaming that someone should find her children. It seems she was traveling with kids and lost track of them.

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Here’s another angle.

@mark_d4life Destroyed Agents desk. #meltdowns ♬ original sound – mark_d4life

It turns out she did more than just throw the monitor, she took out the printer and more at the desk as well.


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Finally here’s an additional angle – and her eventual arrest.

This gate is having some technical difficulties😳🖥️✈️| #ONLYinDADE

— ONLY in DADE (@ONLYinDADE) December 20, 2022

Fortunately the gate agent appears to be alright. The employee is wearing festive reindeer antlers for the holidays – not what you’d expect from someone looking to antagonize a passenger. Traveling can be stressful, and clearly something went very wrong. But if your reaction to that is going to be assault and destruction of property maybe consider the Spirit Airlines Fort Lauderdale – Punta Cana flight instead?

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