Instagram Model Gets Police Involved When Passenger Snapped Photos Of Her Sleeping Inflight

On December 14 model and social media fitness celebrity Anna Clara Rios took a flight from São Paulo to Belo Horizonte, and caught a man snapping photos of her while she was asleep on the 300 mile trip. And, she says, he ‘zoomed in‘ to ‘see what was under her dress’.

According to a translation of her Instagram story,

Guys, I’m here on the plane, I’m shaking with hate, okay? This gentleman here was taking pictures of me while I was sleeping, they had to let me know, move me, and he sent it to someone I have no idea who whatever

A flight attendant woke up the woman. The passenger says she was “trembl[ing] with rage.” She decided to confront the gentleman and demand he delete the video off of his phone, but she believes he’d already sent them via WhatsApp.

In India the photographer passenger could be charged with outraging the modesty of a woman. I’m uncertain what Brazilian law provides for. Laws around photography generally, and photographing individuals, vary widely around the world. In general photography in public in the U.S. is permitted with few restrictions.

Cabin crew informed the pilot of the incident, who contacted the airline, which had police respond to the aircraft’s arrival. The man was taken off the plane by officers, who questioned him at a nearby station but did not charge him.

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