Here Is The Very Model Of A Modern Mileage Run [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • A court has ordered Qatar Airways to pay for psychotherapy for the plus-sized model refused transportation because she was too big for coach.
  • WSJ covers modern mileage running it doesn’t make as much sense as it once did, but it still makes sense for some, largely for elite status when you’re close and going to be traveling more in the coming year than the last one. (It looks a lot different now with American than United.)

    Most mileage runs, though, turn out better than this.

  • Boosie on Getting Accused of Flying Spirit: “I’ve Never Flown Spirit in My Life!”

  • The new joint American Airlines-British Airways lounges at New York JFK offer kosher meals on request

  • Earn enough points for a free domestic flight in Vietnam, just by logging into your frequent flyer account each day

  • Washington DC will vote on increasing tourism tax in order to increase tourism it seems like they have backwards how this works. The argument is by giving their tourism promotion bureaucrats an additional slush fund out of hotel taxes that money will be well-spent bringing in more tourism (and that this will outweigh tourism lost from higher taxes). Of course if this were a high enough priority they’d invest out of additional funds. Instead they’re effectively saying this is literally a lower priority than everything else already being funded, but still worth taxing out of towners more for.

  • A new pilot contract will do nothing for passengers in crowded gate areas at government-owned airports.

    Pilots and passengers face lots of delays on American Airlines. It’s a different scene for American executives at their Skyview headquarters.

    We deserve better. Passengers and pilots – we are worth it.

    — Allied Pilots (@AlliedPilots) December 21, 2022

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