New United Airlines Pilot Union Head Resigns In Days For Homophobic And Misogynistic Comments

Captain Neil Swindells was elected to head the United Airlines pilot union in a controversial and close vote, where members of the group’s Master Executive Council tried to shut down discussion of his homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic online commentary.

Reports I’ve heard is that he’s quite difficult to work with in the cockpit as well. But he represented a faction of pilots that managed to garner a majority of vote one among eligible union leadership. I wrote, though, that he was unable to represent all of his pilot members equally. And this wasn’t just an internal pilot issue – the head of the pilot union gets a board seat at United Airlines. He was clearly unable to represent shareholders, either.

On Tuesday I wrote that he must resign immediately.

Captain Swindells must resign his position immediately, because he cannot effectively represent his membership. He clearly doesn’t have the best interests of some of them in mind. He fails to hold his tongue, making him an ineffective leader. And he needlessly antagonizes leadership of the airline which will make him ineffective both at the bargaining table and in the board room.

As first reported by aviation watchdog JonNYC he did so on Wednesday. Here is his resignation letter:

How is it unconfirmed when the UAL MEC sent out his resignation letter?

— Matt Doughkampoh (@phx2dca) December 22, 2022

Captain Swindells returns to flying the line, where he’ll merely antagonize other pilots, rather than representing all of them and joining the board of United Airlines Holdings, Inc.

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