Anti-Woke Bank, Credit Cards Co-Founded By Candace Owens Shuts Down [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • GloriFi anti-woke bank shutting down.

    In its short tenure GloriFi, managed to launch checking and savings accounts as well as credit cards, with plans to offer mortgages and insurance in a future that will no longer take place. Founder and CEO Toby Neugebauer pitched plans to offer gun owners discounts on home insurance, credit cards made of shell casing material, and assistance paying legal bills if customers shot someone in self-defense. Over the summer, GloriFi secured conservative commentator Candace Owens as a co-founder and spokesperson for the brand.

  • New York JFK – Frankfurt – Singapore loses the Airbus A380 effective May 15 no Singapore A380s to the U.S.!

  • Balloon animals.

    Hey 👋 @AmericanAir I’ve flown the airs with you for decades and have met some great employees…met another today on flight 2114 (SNA->DFW). Sadly couldn’t catch his name! He made this flight much more enjoyable for us passengers and we appreciate that! #americanairlines ✈️

    — Cris Bierrenbach (@crisbier) November 21, 2022

  • It costs more to build a gate at New York JFK than to buy a widebody plane that will use that gate. And the gate doesn’t fly. $4.2 billion is the cost of new terminal 6 at New York JFK, so it’s not just the ‘gate area’ but it’s all space in support of gates (and much of the space is revenue-raising retail that pays for the gates).

  • Haggle over price for longer Airbnb stays

  • Jet Airways having a hard time getting back off the ground

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