Those Buses That Replaced American Airlines Flights? You Can Now Bring Guns With You

There’s a shortage of pilots that hits regional airlines hard. The large U.S. airlines pay more, and attract pilots out of the regionals. There just aren’t enough pilots to fly regional jets, and American Airlines still has about 100 of those smaller jets parked.

One solution they’ve found to continue serving small airports close to major hubs is bus service. They use Landline buses between Philadelphia and Allentown/Bethlehem, PA (ABE); Atlantic City, NJ (ACY); and Lancaster, PA (LNS).

On the whole these can be more reliable than small planes, which tend to get cancelled first and delayed longer when airports can handle only a limited amount of traffic in bad weather. And they can be more comfortable, too, compared to the smallest jets. These are luxury buses with 3 seats per row (1×2), seat power, and slow wifi.

One policy change that went into effect last week (December 16) is that Landline buses operated for American Airlines now permit passengers to be armed, aligning with American’s existing armed passengers policy for flights.

Landline policies still don’t align with American flights across several other dimensions, however, according to an internal December 16, 2022 American Airlines memo reviewed by View From The Wing,

• Cargo/Freight – No AOG/COMAT/PPS or mail

    o Dry ice will only be accepted in checked and valet/carry-on baggage

• Live animals in the cargo compartment

    o Landline allows a maximum of four (4) pets in the cabin

• Unaccompanied minors are not allowed
• Checked firearms are not allowed

Credit: American Airlines

Someone clearly spent a lot of time figuring out how to get passenger guns onto buses. As one person commented to me, “At some point we’ll need a good guy on the bus with a gun to ensure we keep the bus over 50 mph or else…”

It occurs to me that it is easier for a passenger to access the hold of a bus than a plane, and that they limit the number of pets on the bus but not the number of guns!

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