Free Lap Dances For Stranded Southwest Airlines Passengers In Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the largest cities for Southwest Airlines. And with the carrier cancelling thousands of flights every day over the holidays, many of those who happened in Vegas have been forced to stay in Vegas.

Southwest has said they’ll cover reasonable expenses for affected travelers. That likely covers modest meals and hotel accommodations. But what about immodest expenses? For those, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club has Southwest passengers covered offering:

  • Free transportation to the club
  • Waived cover charge
  • One free drink
  • And a lap dance

According to the club’s General Manager,

With the current state of Harry Reid International Airport, many holiday travelers have been left stranded and may not make it home for the unforeseeable future, possibly until after the New Year. We are doing our part by opening our doors to travelers who are most affected to ensure their extended stay in Las Vegas is a memorable one.

All that’s needed is “proof of having a canceled or delayed flight” for dads to go and learn whether they’ve failed the Chris Rock test.

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