Here Are My New Year’s Day Miles And Points Errands

A lot of things reset to zero on January 1, and the new year begins. I checked my Marriott account and saw that 25 elite nights had posted from my premium American Express card, but the 15 elite nights from my Marriott small business Amex had not yet posted:

Now that the year has reset, so have a number of credit card benefits, and elite ‘tasks.’ Here’s what I went through first thing in the morning on New Years Day.

  • Amex Platinum: I made a $50 purchase from Saks, buying something I’d put off for a couple of weeks that I was going to purchase anyway. I also made (2) $99 purchases from Southwest, it’s not supposed to reimburse ticket purchases but this has worked for me (and could stop working at any point). The Amex Platinum makes sense for me because I get full value out of the $200 airline reimbursement; $100 Saks credit ($50 in the first and second half of the year); $200 Uber credits; $240 Digital Entertainment credit (fully covering New York Times digital and cooking plus SiriusXM); $189 CLEAR. That’s $929, so I am good with the annual fee, and I get Centurion and Delta lounge access and Hilton Gold, having registered for all of the benefits etc.

  • Started making deferred payments: In addition to paying new monthly and quarterly charges, I’d put off some bills received in December to the start of January so that they would apply towards card-earning in 2023.

  • Capital One Travel Credit: I time this with the start of the year, for easy memory. I spent $302 on an American Airlines ticket, purchased through their portal to qualify for the $300 credit.

  • Hyatt choice benefits: Hyatt offers benefits every 10 nights including when you go above and beyond Globalist at 70, 80, 90, and 100 nights. You have 90 days to select your benefits, and I put those off until the start of the new calendar year. A confirmed suite selected in December 2022 would be valid through February 2024. A confirmed suite selected January 1, 2023 is valid through February 2025. This way I can book next year’s travel, confirmed in a suite, before requalifying for status and earning suite upgrades again.

What New Years Day errands have you accomplished so far?

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