I Need 100,000 Miles and 50 Nights to Requalify for Elite Status

Today is the most democratic (small d) day of the year in travel. That’s because it’s January 1, and everyone’s elite status counters get reset to zero (except for those squirrely foreign programs that have membership years based on the date you joined, and American that has extended the elite earning year by two months).

I have exactly the same number of elite qualifying miles and nights as everyone else today.

Even though elite statuses were largely extended in 2021 and often extended again in 2021, most of us are back to zero, only a few programs like Delta and Hilton offered rollover credit. We have to start from scratch. Last year doesn’t matter anymore with regard to qualifying for status next year. (Hopefully we can get past the last two years for other things, too.)

And that always reminds me of a 19 year old post by IndustrialPatent called “Need 75,000 miles for Platinum Elite” a snippet of which is below:

Need 75,000 Miles for Platinum Elite

Questions from an NW Newbie:

Can you help me? I need 75,000 Miles in order to achieve Platinum Elite status with Northwest. I want to acquire these miles quickly (by the end of the year) and for as little as possible (no more than $250). I prefer to not to fly, but when I do I want a between seat on America West/British Airways. Thanks!

ITN.net is showing my flight tomorrow as sold out. Can I call NW and ask for a voucher? If so, can I also get a refund for the original ticket? Or will I have to actually fly?

How is Northwest’s World Business Class? Is it better than Southwest’s?

How do I claim PacMan points instead of WorldPerks miles?

If I dial and use 10-10-220 from the in-flight phone, will I save?

Should I ask for a voucher or free ticket if the guy who used the lavatory before me p’d all over the seat and/or didn’t flush? What if he happened to be the pilot?

What’s the address in which I can write NW in order to receive a comp for my FBI: Federal Breast Inspector status?

What kind of alcohol does NW serve in WBC? Will it taste good with my Valium?

When will NW replace their DC-9s, DC-10s and B742s? Will they replace them with planes that have MagicFlush(tm)?

Will Jesse Ventura personally greet me each time I disembark at [Minneapolis]?

Can you help me? I need 75,000 miles in order to achieve MVP Gold 75K status with Alaska. I want to acquire these miles quickly (by the end of January) and for as little as possible (no more than $250). I prefer to not fly, but when I do I want a first class award seat on ANA. Thanks!

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