United’s Lost Bag Delivery Service Takes Luggage To McDonald’s, Goes Shopping

When an airline loses your luggage, they’ll generally track it down and deliver it to you. That’s best case (sometimes there’s so much lost luggage bags just get thrown in the trash).

It’s not airline employees who are going to take it from the airport to wherever you’re staying. A few years ago Delta even tested leveraging the gig economy, using a service that’s basically Uber for lost bag delivery. You could even sign up to become a lost baggage delivery driver!

The saga of one United Airlines customer’s lost bag, tracked down using an AirTag, is the story of one of these third party delivery services. The airline turns it over, and basically loses track of the bag, assuming that their contractor will do their job and make the delivery. The story eventually has a happy ending.

On New Year’s Day, Valerie Szybala shared that United lost her luggage. And she had an AirTag showing that the bag wasn’t where United kept insisting that it was. She pushed back on the airline’s explanation that her bag was at the ‘delivery services distribution center’ and the airline told her to “calm down.” They promised “we will deliver the bag to you, don’t worry.”

Szybala was concerned because she’d tracked the bag to a dumpster behind an apartment complex. There were other bags out by the dumpster, and possibly emptied, as well. United Airlines stopped responding.

I’d just like everyone to know that @united has lost track of my bag and is lying about it. My apple AirTag shows that it has been sitting in a residential apartment complex for over a day. Out back by the dumpsters, I have found other emptied United Airlines bags. pic.twitter.com/fcoq4nj3zb

— valerie szybala. (@vszyb) January 1, 2023

Anyone wondering why I felt compelled to take this to social media, check out my most recent chat with one of their support reps through the @united app: pic.twitter.com/hxUu3jQaxj

— valerie szybala. (@vszyb) January 2, 2023

Then the bag showed it was a href=”https://twitter.com/vszyb/status/1609719319713419264″ target=_blank>on the move! It stopped for a meal at McDonald’s. But then, presumably full from a meal, it returned to that same dumpster.

The next day, her bag was again on the move.

Although, it’s been sitting at this shopping complex for the past half hour so maybe it’s just out for another meal… pic.twitter.com/zexN1dL6W3

— valerie szybala. (@vszyb) January 2, 2023

Then it return to that apartment complex – before finally being delivered.

WHEW this has been a wild ride y’all. I’m happy to report that I got my bag back!!! I’ll give more details & lessons learned later. For now wanna say thank you for all of the support, and shout out to the building resident and local news crews who came out to help =) pic.twitter.com/hCDXMreiDC

— valerie szybala. (@vszyb) January 2, 2023

I have to think that the apartment complex was adjacent to the vendor’s storage warehouse, that the bag was loaded into a vehicle and driven around with other bags that were delivered first. And – in no great hurry – the vendor’s drivers eventually got around to delivering it. It was likely a company such as Where’s My Suitcase (HomeServ) which works with about 20 airlines and it very much seems like nobody likes them.

(HT: @MrLindsayJones)

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