Family Travel Discord: Sleepovers Before a Trip

Confession: I’m not a big fan of my kids having sleepovers or slumber parties with friends. It doesn’t matter if they are at our house or the friend’s house. I’m still not a fan.

Why? Usually, my kids are a wreck the next day from lack of sleep. If the sleepover is at our house, we’re all a wreck the next day due to the noise and shenanigans. Sure, there are a few friends I can count on one finger that are quiet during a sleepover. But, the majority are very loud (my kids included). Our house just isn’t set up to have that kind of noise. However, we do put up with sleepovers occasionally because my husband and I have fond memories of them as kids.

So, what does this have to do with family travel?

Starting Travel on the Right Foot

Last week, my two kids that are traveling with me asked for sleepovers the night before our departure. My answer was a firm NO. They begged and begged. “But it’s New Year’s Eve!” “But I haven’t had one in a really long time!” “But we aren’t leaving until the afternoon!” NO, NO, NO!

The thing about travel is that we tend to get fewer hours of sleep during trips. On a cruise, there are late night activities and early morning excursions. The lure of the teen club makes my kids ask for a later curfew. We’re all sleeping in unfamiliar beds in the same room. All of those things lead to a bit less sleep.

With that in mind, I’m a big believer in starting a trip refreshed. Traversing an airport is no time to be grumpy and tired. We all do better if we had a good night’s sleep. So, a sleepover the night before just doesn’t work for that mindset.

Maybe if we were going to do an all-day road trip, and my kids could sleep in the car, I’d consider it. But, my answer would probably still be no.

My younger kids still think of sleep as a punishment. My oldest is beginning to understand. But, right now, we will never agree on the topic of sleepovers before a trip.

I’m curious to hear from other parents. Do you have limits on sleepovers and curfews before you leave on a trip?

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