Woman Urinated On In Air India Business Class

We’ve all had difficult seatmates, and the number of passengers behaving badly on airplanes remains elevated compared to before the pandemic. There aren’t nearly as many incidents on planes as there were when masks were required, but there are still too many.

But in a great reminder that the worst behavior isn’t strictly reserved for flights in the United States (or on British holiday airline Jet2), a woman flying business class on Air India had one of the worst possible experiences imaginable on a trip. Out of the blue a man came up to her seat, unzipped his fly, and urinated on her.

The woman, in her 70s, was seated in 9A on flight AI102 from New York JFK to Delhi on November 26. In a letter to Air India, she explains that towards the beginning of the flight, after the first meal service had ended,

I was getting ready to sleep when another passenger walked to my seat inebriated. He unzipped his pants, relieved himself and exposed me to his private parts…

The crew was not proactive in managing a very sensitive and traumatic situation, and I had to advocate for myself throughout, waiting for long periods of time to get a response. I am particularly distressed that the airline made no attempt to ensure my safety or comfort during this incident…

My clothes, shoes and bag were completely soaked in urine. The stewardess followed me to the seat, verified that it smelled of urine, and sprayed disinfectant on my bag and shoes. The bag contained my passport, travel documents and currency, among other items.

She was given pajamas and slippers to change into, and offered a crew seat to use for an hour – before being told to return to her seat. After a couple of hours there, she was offered a different crew seat to sit in upright for the rest of the flight to India. There were open seats in first class, but she wasn’t allowed to use one of those. (In the past crew choosing whom to upgrade on board has been a problem at the airline.)

Flight attendants arranged a wheelchair so she would “clear customs as quickly as possible.” But the wheelchair attendant didn’t bring her to customs, it “deposited [her] at a waiting area, where [she] waited for 30 minutes, and nobody came to get [her].” She finally gave up and walked through immigration and customs, still wearing the pajamas she’d been given.

Nothing happened to the man inflight, and the incident wasn’t reported to authorities until after the woman wrote to the airline. According to Air India,

We are aware of the incident involving a passenger who had behaved in an unacceptable manner, affecting another. Air India has reported the incident to police and regulatory authorities for them to further investigate and take any necessary action against the misbehaving party. We have also been in regular contact with the aggrieved passenger and her family during the investigation and reporting process.

Angrier & edgy a given but sick to this extent?🙏🏼Airlines will need to train crew to intervene,mitigate, damage control exceptional cases.Crew could have supported/comforted the old passenger,from this report seems didn’t.Man needs to be on no fly list.@airindiain @ManjuVTOI pic.twitter.com/uN05zMgsei

— manisha singhal (@manishasinghal) January 4, 2023

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