Another Air India Passenger Urinates On Woman Inflight

An Air India flight from New York to Delhi, where a passenger walked up to a woman seated in business class and urinated on her and nothing was done about it, is making international news.

And the narrative that ‘this happens on Air India’ is being reinforced because 10 days after that incident another man urinated on a woman on Air India, this time on a Paris to Delhi flight on December 6th. Once again little was done about it: “there was no penal action after the accused gave a written apology.”

[This] took place on December 6 on Air India flight 142 and the pilot of the aircraft reported the matter to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport about it, following which the male passenger was apprehended, PTI reported.

The flight landed around 9:40am at Delhi and the airport security was informed that the man passenger was “under the influence of alcohol and he was not following the instructions of the cabin crew and he later peed on a blanket of an onboard lady passenger”, airport officials told PTI.

We’ve seen it before on Air India in 2016 and in 2018. Passengers drink too much and then they fly. Or they start off drunk and drink more. Or they’re overserved. And when that happens, some of them behave badly.

This is hardly limited to Air India. It’s happened on American and JetBlue and easyJet and United. Air India is reputationally the victim of one story gaining traction making subsequent stories more focal.

However Air India needs to respond more aggressively – cleaning up, making the affected passenger comfortable, and aggressively ensuring that offenders are dealt with swiftly. Reportedly the victim on the Paris flight refused to press charges but Air India is a victim here, too, and could have done more. India’s regulator has gotten involved:

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