Delta Air Lines Testing New Status Match Offers, There Are Four To Choose From [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Delta testing new status match offers there are four to choose from.
  • Kept trying to crank it over and flooded the carburetor

    @enginestory9 like this how do people?#CODSquadUp #HolidayOREOke #pov #boeing #spirit #KAYKissCountdown #737 #A380 #777 ♬ nhạc nền – engine story

  • A year and a half ago American Airlines announced it would partner with and invest in South American low cost Bill Franke airline JetSmart. Chile has just signed off on the investment.

  • “He asked if he could sleep on me, he is slurring and now snoring and passed out.” Well at least he asked?

    @elenaduquebeauty @American Airlines Comfort plus? Try comfort NEGATIVE. DO BETTER!! #dobetter #americanairlines #travelhorrorstory #airlinestory #passengershaming #americanair #americanairlinessucks ♬ original sound – Elena | Skincare & Beauty Tips

  • The man just thought, ‘well it’s 6 a.m. somewhere!’

    @AmericanAir how is it appropriate to move a drunk man from his exit row seat and place him next to my teenagedaughter traveling alone on a 6am flight?Promptly passed out,all in her space, required two F/A and two passengers to wake him and get him off flight once landed.Not OK.

    — C Soto (@sotocf) January 5, 2023

  • “When private equity funds buy airports from governments, the number of airlines and routes served increases, operating income rises, and the customer experience improves.” They invest more in the infrastructure and make airports better. (HT: Alex Tabarrok)

  • Hyatt House Rebrands to Compete Against Short-Term Rental Platforms (Skift)

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