Why Is Everything But Seafood Bad In Boston? [Roundup]

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  • Reminder that people list homes on Airbnb that they do not own you show up and can’t check in. Oh, and here’s a vacation rental that turned out to be a construction site. Although in fairness just because you make a reservation at a Holiday Inn doesn’t mean that it exists, either.
  • Singapore Airlines switching business class champagne to Henriot on most routes. Charles Heidsieck and vintage Piper-Heidsieck are still served on U.S. routes other than Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines pours approximately 350,000 bottles of champagne per year.

  • How & Why I Am Buying Swagbucks

  • American Airlines covers the cost of a passenger’s missed cruise after agent mistakenly denies a passenger boarding insisting on the wrong documents for international travel. The refund appears only to have happened after the New York Times got involved, of course. (HT: Alan)

  • Why is Boston non-seafood bad, and is it related to why British non-Indian food is bad? (Note that the lobster rolls at the airport are, in fact, bad too.)

    One of life’s great questions — why does Greater Boston have fewer good dining options than any other large US metro area? https://t.co/CoHdd8Rv7G pic.twitter.com/aNWk6iJdWj

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) January 6, 2023

  • Star Alliance program Avianca LifeMiles has updated its elite program with what are on balance actual improvements though I only view earning status with them as relevant if you fly their airline frequently.

    For most Americans they’re a program that sells miles cheaply (and has multiple bank transfer partners) and redemptions without fuel surcharges – sometimes cheaper than United and Air Canada – where everything is great when it goes smoothly but not so good if you need customer service.

  • Just because you have a prescription doesn’t make it legal at your destination, remember to check rules for bringing drugs into whatever country you’re visiting. Did you know you can’t just bring e-cigarettes with you into Australia for instance?

    Who tf takes the addy on holiday with them? pic.twitter.com/JwJ2DIV6ET

    — Bill 🐂🐡 (@Bill__py) January 6, 2023

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