Marriott Looks To Put Beds On Top Of Couches In Order To Shrink Rooms

Scott Mayerowitz, Executive Editor of The Points Guy, visited Marriott’s new headquarters and shared details of an innovation project they’re working on there: rooms that use less space, because the bed descends on top of the couch.

You’ve probably seen beds that fold into a wall in order to save space. That’s a manual process, open up a closet and the bed comes down. This is a higher tech version of the idea, which Mayerowitz shared to Instagram:

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By putting the bed on top of the sofa, Marriott is able to offer smaller rooms with the same features. And smaller rooms mean more rooms in a hotel. That’s good for revenue, and will let them compete for owners looking to maximize revenue per square foot of their real estate.

The open question is how guests will receive the idea. It looks cool! Maintenance is almost certain to be a nightmare. And you’d better check what you’ve left out on the couch before putting the bed down, though I have to imagine Marriott will require safety features as part of this project to forestall lawsuits.

Marriott brought us Moxy, without desks in the rooms. This, though, is next-level space-saving. The future is here, or at least in Bethesda, Maryland.

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