Man Arrested For Urinating On Woman During Air India Flight Is Using A Classic Defense

A man reportedly urinated on a passenger while flying Air India from New York JFK to Delhi on November 26. According to the woman in her 70s, the man “unzipped his pants, relieved himself and exposed me to his private parts” and the crew did little about it.

She was a business class passenger, there were no empty business class seats available. There were seats free in first class, but she wasn’t allowed to use on of those. Instead for part of the flight she was allowed to sit in a crew seat, and part of the time she had to sit in her soiled seat. Nothing happened to the man inflight, and the incident wasn’t reported to authorities until after the woman wrote to the airline.

Once the incident, and believe it or not another one on Air India, garnered worldwide attention the man was identified as a Wells Fargo executive for India. He’s been fired, and he is being prosecuted.

Now the former Wells manager is employing a classic technique to thwart prosecutors: the Shaggy Defense. He claims it ‘wasn’t me’. Instead, the man says, the woman urinated on herself and is simply deflecting blame.

I did not urinate on complainant. The complainant woman’s seat was blocked. It wasn’t possible for him (Mishra) to go there. The woman has a problem of incontnence. She urinated on herself. She is a Kathak dancer 80% of kathak dancers have this issue.”

Needless to say, dancers who practice the classic dance-drama technique of India… disagree. And reportedly “there is no scientific backing to this claim.”

Delhi | I do not agree with it at all, I think it is the weirdest reasoning that has ever been put forth. Any peeing or not peeing is not related to any vocation at all: Padma Awardee Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan

— ANI (@ANI) January 13, 2023

The defendant’s lawyer says that if his client had done it, clearly other passengers would have intervened. The very fact that this wasn’t an even bigger incident proves that no incident occurred. On second thought, this may not be the Shaggy Defense. In actuality it’s the Chewbacca Defense.

The flight’s pilot and crew have been suspended pending further investigation.

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