Delta Is Right: Employees Are Better Off In The Terminal Than The Sky Club [Roundup]

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  • Delta isn’t wrong when they told employees there are better places to spend time in the airport than a Sky Club.

    The longest line at JFK is not due to a delayed flight or an FAA meltdown.

    It’s simply the line to get into the Delta sky lounge. The services demand is BUMPIN, sorry J Powell

    — Mady Mills (@MadisonMills22) January 14, 2023

    So much for no lines at the brand new, humongous Delta Sky Club at LaGuardia.. dang. But it’s really nice once you are in! @thepointsguy #Travel

    — Clint Henderson (@ClintPHenderson) January 13, 2023

  • True for Centurion lounge also?

  • There wasn’t a lot of value left beyond domestic and Caribbean coach flash sales, but Delta SkyMiles has finally gutted Aeromexico awards too, doubling and quadrupling pricing.

  • Indian men visit all seven continents in under 4 days to break world record

  • Imagine the points! I just hope he was using a card with strong accelerator categories, there are some surprisingly good cards in Brazil, such as an AAdvantage card that earns 2 Loyalty Points per dollar.

    [M]ore than $5 million at today’s exchange rate — was charged to the far-right president’s card during his four-year term, according to account statements published Friday on a government website…Nearly $14,000 was spent on a single visit to a petrol station [GL: gift cards?]

  • I had no idea American Airlines left La Paz, never saw an announcement.

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