Hyatt Promises To Fix Zeroing Out Award Night Availability In Aruba

The Hyatt Regency Aruba has a history of playing games with free night award availability. They made it nearly impossible to spend Hyatt points, assigning only 22 out of their 357 rooms as potentially eligible for redemption. This hotel is actually owned by Hyatt, and after I brought their shenanigans to corporate’s attention they adjusted the practice.

However Aruba redemptions again became a problem. Some time in the second half of December all award night inventory at the property for 2023 zeroed.

  • This is a popular hotel, one where people want to spend points, and the hotel hasn’t been super generous in the past to begin with
  • But it wasn’t a case of ‘award nights go quickly’. There was space on offer every month, and then there wasn’t any.

Hyatt Regency Aruba, credit: Hyatt

I reached out to Hyatt, and a spokesperson offers, “Hyatt Regency Aruba is working to restore award nights in 2023 after a problem with their booking platform” and promises to update once availability is restored.

They’re blaming ‘the booking platform’ for being able to sell rooms, but not offer any availability on points (though the two should be linked to the designated standard room type and rate plan). The good news is that (1) there’s already some availability, though not much, and (2) we can expect things to improve.

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