Conrad Maldives Wide Free Night Availability For Over Four Months

Hilton’s Conrad Maldives has standard room award availability nearly every day from mid-May through September. And for anyone with any elite status, even Silver, fifth night is free on awards.

120,000 points per night is still quite a lot. When Hilton introduced the 120,000 point level before the pandemic it was limited to the Waldorf Astoria Maldives which they attributed to how unique that property was. As the time I wondered how long it would be before the price level extended to other hotels, including in particular this one? Of course that Waldorf went up during the pandemic to 150,000 points on some nights while this one went from 95,000 to 120,000 last March but it could be worse!

On the other hand, paid rates during this time can be $600 per night – or less – so the value per point isn’t especially high. And this is rainy season. I’ve mostly visited the Maldives December through February which is generally peak time for desirability. However I did once go in May to celebrate a friend’s milestone birthday, and had a great time. You’d have downpours for an hour and then nice weather. It did prevent an outdoor dinner we’d planned, and one night our overwater villa swayed quite a lot during a storm. But otherwise fun!

(HT: Frequent Miler)

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