Delta Announces Two New New York JFK Clubs, Including First Dedicated Business Lounge

With the closure of New York JFK terminal 2 last week, Delta has consolidated its operations in terminal 4. Since that terminal was already crowded – it features the longest lines to get into any Sky Club – that didn’t seem like a positive for customers. I actually liked the low key aging terminal 2.

Fortunately relief is on the way for those accessing the Delta club at New York JFK, and not just because the airline is banning employees from using their lounges and charging more for memberships, banning non-elite customers from buying them, taking away access from elites flying coach on international trips and from club members who are flying on basic economy tickets.

There are two new lounges coming.

  • Delta will open a new 14,000 square foot, 200 seat Sky Club on the new A concourse this summer.
  • And JFK terminal 4 will have Delta’s first dedicated business class (“Delta One”) lounge. That won’t open until “early 2024” and will be 36,000 square feet next to the main security checkpoint.

Details on these lounges leaked out of the Port Authority a year ago. What’s new is the projected timeline to open, and that New York JFK’s business class lounge will be the first one Delta opens.

Currently American Airlines (Flagship lounges) and United (Polaris lounges) have dedicated business class lounges separate from their paid membership clubs. Delta has lacked this product, but their basic Sky Club is nicer than Admirals Clubs and United Clubs – when you can get in (it is not nicer when you’re waiting in a line in the terminal).

In summer 2021 I wrote about the plan for a Delta One business class lounge at LAX and later that the new A43 club in Detroit could become a dedicated business class lounge.

I would have hoped that at least one of these lounges would come to fruition in 2023, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until next year for the first one.

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