Delta Passenger Grabs Fire Extinguisher And Comes Out Spraying After Stealing Chicken Wings

A passenger stormed Delta Air Lines gate D7 at the Atlanta airport, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and came out spraying. According to a witness, the woman dined and dashed from Buffalo Wild Wings. When she was asked to pay she unleashed herself on the rest of the terminal.

Here’s additional video showing “children running from her and dozens of concerned travelers on edge.”

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Given the number of law enforcement officers on site at major airports, from numerous agencies, and cameras everywhere it always seems as though there should be a faster response time.

Nonetheless police do eventually respond and while it’s difficult to tell through the cloudy air in the terminal it doesn’t appear that she’s resisting particularly vigorously when an officer declares, “stop resisting!”

I have to wonder though if she was just frustrated by why so many airport restaurants are just downright bad. And don’t tell me you like One Flew South, that’s on Atlanta’s E concourse and people like to anchor themselves near their gate.

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