Passengers On These Delta Flights Are Only Permitted to Spend 35 Minutes In The Lounge – Or Less

The new Delta Sky Club at New York LaGuardia is now only open until 7:30 p.m. But did you know that 7 Delta flights from New York now only allow lounge access for 35 minutes – or less?

To limit lounge crowding Delta won’t allow passengers into a lounge until 3 hours prior to departure of the first flight on their itinerary. In addition, several additional limits on club access go into effect next month as well.

Delta’s access restrictions apply even when lounges are empty. One senior Delta executive declared, “We’re not WeWork!” though in fact many members pay for lounge access precisely to get work done before a flight, including when they finish meetings early and have a long wait for their flight at the airport.

This new Sky Club used to stay open until 9:30 p.m., which made sense with Delta’s schedule, since there are flights departing up until just before 10 o’clock. And of course delays are common as well. A 7:30 p.m. close time simply doesn’t match Delta’s operation. There are over 40 Delta flights leaving after that.

In fact, there are (7) Delta flights which depart New York LaGuardia at 9:55 p.m. or later:

Destination Departure Time Flight #
Hartford (BDL) 9:55 p.m. DL5612
Washington (DCA) 9:55 p.m. DL5708
Syracuse (SYR) 9:55 p.m. DL2211
Bangor (BGR) 9:59 p.m. DL4809
Boston (BOS) 9:59 p.m. DL1433
Providence (PVD) 9:59 p.m. DL5318
State College (SCE) 9:59 p.m. DL4730

The earliest someone on a 9:55 p.m. departure can enter a Delta Sky Club is 6:55 p.m., or 35 minutes prior to closing time. They don’t get 3 hours in the lounge. They get 35 minutes. And during the last half hour staff tend to be buttoning up and putting away food.

If you’re taking one of Delta’s late departures, and you want to visit the Sky Club that you’re paying an increasing amount for you need to show up for your flight two and a half hours prior to departure, and then spend most of your time in the terminal.

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