Why Do People Select Seats Together When They’re Traveling Together?

When you book a flight you have the option, in most cases, to select your seats. Not everyone does this, which is something I’ll never understand in cases where seat assignments are free. But I also don’t think the choice people make are logical when they do choose seats.

If a row of 3 is open (and there’s no extra charge for seat assignments or the charge is the same) why do people seat themselves next to their travel companion – even if they want to sit together? Why wouldn’t they choose a window and an aisle seat, leaving the middle open?

  • If the plane isn’t full, a middle is the most likely seat to remain empty – especially at the front of the plane, extra legroom which usually costs more, and at the very back of the aircraft. Assigning an empty middle between two people increases the likelihood that passengers get extra room free, an empty middle to share.

  • If the plane is full and someone is seated in that middle, then trade them an aisle or window for their middle, almost anyone would take that deal. (Some might even offer to sell that better seat for a modest amount! Or ‘buy me a drink on board and you can have my aisle seat instead of your middle’.

Of course you can also buy that extra empty seat if you wish on most airlines. Yet almost no one does this, either.

Or just assign two aisle seats across from each other you’re still sitting together, with no passengers in between you, and you’re guaranteed that space.

If you don’t like the seats that are available, that you do assign yourself, you can set a free email alert for a better seat. Virtually no one does this, either. (By the way here’s how to know which seat is best.)

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